Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Great idea....that wasn't.

Like every teacher who hears a brand new and great idea....I wanted to try it out. IMMEDIATELY.

And like many out there....I don't always think my actions through.

Today, that happened. 

During a #Smartee chat, I heard of a great idea of using dry erase markers...on the student's desks. Genius! This way students won't have to waste paper when working out problems in math, combining sentences, or simply completing some review or practice questions. Why hadn't I thought of that?!

Of course I wanted to try this with my students!

So today, during my interjections and conjunctions lesson, I asked my students to take out their dry erase markers. "Our boards too?" a student asked. 


My students were SO excited to be doing such a taboo thing as writing on their desks! They were into the lesson and their desks. Little did I know....that my desks were not the easy to wipe off kind of desks, but  the kind that literally soaks up the marker!

Epic. Fail.

All I could do was laugh! I made a mistake. I tried something new and it did not work. 

But at least we had fun in the process!