Monday, December 10, 2012


My students LOVE collaborating!

Especially, with our 800i SMARTboard!

Check out Jepson D4 in this short video collaborating with each other, the SMARTboard, and with individual whiteboards!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

SMART Professional Development=LOVE!

SMART Techologies….my love for you shall not end.

Not only do you provide products worthy of an educator’s time and energy that engage the over stimulated student, but you provide Personal Development (PD) to use these products even better!

Typical PD usually is far from where I am, cost too much, or are not what I expected and a complete let down from the course description. However, I have taken several online courses and classes from SMART and the SMART Learning Space and they are truly valuable and worth your time.

My favorite training was during my SMART Certified Lesson Developer (SCLD) course. This is a packaged course where, at completion and passing the final test, earns one’s SCLD Certification. All these courses helped me hone in my skills on creating effective engaging lessons for all my students. By far my favorite was the Lesson Development Workshop. This hands-on course takes you step by step on how to maximize your lessons for maximum student engagement. I not only improved my lesson design, but I met and worked with a SMART instructor and other colleagues (class members) with ideas, suggestions, and their own experiences to bring to the class. It was priceless!

Each of these courses changed the way I think about lessons for my students. Yes, there is interactivity, but how effective is the lesson was key. For example, thinking about how it looks to students is completely different to how it would look to me. Simple, yet so powerful.

I absolutely recommend taking a peek at SMART’s new Training Guide. You will not be disappointed!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Advancement in Technology

Wow! Please check out this video!!

Wow! I would LOVE this technology now! I have a SMART Board 800 series, but this would take it to a whole NEW level! Incredible! Amazing what students, teachers, educators, business people, EVERYONE could do with this kind of technology!!!

 There's our SMART Bar!!! I need one!!

It is just amazing what SMART is thinking of and what it could do for our classrooms and world! Wow!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Unused Space

Happy November!

The students of #JepsonD4 are off to a great start this year! As is my professional growth!

Through teaching, I have been so fortunate to meet many wonderful professionals, work with colleagues...learning has never been better!

On this road...I have been involved with the Gold Star SEE Challenge with SMART Technologies and other SMART Exemplary Educators.

We use and promote SMART products, take courses, collaborate with others, and just share our love and knowledge of SMART! It's FABULOUS!

But a current challenge has got me thinking...specifically about some unused space in my classroom. See below:

Now, it may look like it is "used space" but it is not. Sure there are posters and memorabilia on the wall, but it is not truly used space!
What these spaces need is a SMART Board or an interactive projector. With such a product, my students could interact even MORE with content, create their own projects and lessons, and thus learn more.
The possibilities are ENDLESS!
hmmmm........I am getting excited!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Grammar Rulz!

Grammar Rulz!

There is a new English and grammar software available for our SMARTboards! It is Grammar Rulz by Maupin House.

I like this software (on CD Rom when you order) in that it has pre-made slides and pages for students to use as Daily Oral Language (DOL). It is clear, concise, and goes right along with history topics. It is simple to use for teachers and students.

Where the software lacks is in it's content. I'd like the content to focus on middle school history and topics and this seems to be more directed at sixth grade content. Alhtough, this software will help new teachers with their SMARTboard, I feel it lacks interactivity. I just wanted to see more from the software.

I would definiately pass this on to my beginner SMARTboard users at my site.

Monday, October 1, 2012

New Science lessons on the Exchange!

There are new lessons re coming to SMART! nd I know science teachers will be happy about the lessons from aegom!

These lessons are full of graphics, sound, activities, explainations, and even SMART Response questions built right in! My favorite is the activity where the lesson shows how your skin is an orgon communicating with the brain!

To make it easier for the teachers, aegon has built in notes and a key to plan your lesson.


Please check it out and learn more about this lesson and more at

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cyber Bullying

I just took a course from SMART Learning Space about cyber bullying.

It is a huge epidemic.

Cyberbullying can happen anywhere, any time, and annoymously. Our students are at a high risk, but so are teachers, staff, and parents! We MUST arm ourselves to protect each other.

At OJHS we have had Rachel's Challenge come and vist and talk about the impact students have on each other. And this goes for in person, and online. We, as educators, advocates, parents, and community leaders, MUST inform our students about the dangers of cyberbullying. They need to know the consequences and the hurt that can go along with any messege online.

We also must educate our students. Sometimes what students (even adults!) think as a joke can be hurtful. We must teach our students to know the difference. We also need to teach our students to take a stand when they see or hear bullying happening. Don't be an innocent bystander! Help out! Let someone know if you or someone you know are being bullied. Don't keep silent! Block the person on your social sites and cell phone. You don't have to take the hurt!

We must teach our students to think. THINK before clicking that "send" button. Could that message be misconstrude? Could it be taken as hurtful? Anything online, even when thought public, can be seen! Think twice before sharing with the world!

And protect your passwords. DON'T give them to anyone! They could be used against you and hurt in the long run.

As a teacher, I have seen/heard about the pain cyberbullying causes. We can stop it, if we become a Cyber Hero!!

Great course! Adults should take it and learn from it!

Thanks SMART!

Monday, September 24, 2012

How my SMARTboard 800 Improves Student Learning

Wow! What can I say about my SMART Board 800?!

Our local Oakdale Education Foundation was kind enough to grant my SMARTBoard 800 grant. They saw, just like me, how valuable SMART Tech's new board is!

This particular board has multi-touch. Which means, I can have two students, with both their hands, interact with the board! It has not only changed my teaching, but how my students learn.

I have always had DOL races on my SMARTboard. But before, I would  have students go one at a time to correct sentences within a minute. Now, I have two students go, each writing in a different color, and wow! These kids really go for it! It has changed the dynamic of the room.

Notes, games, lessons, they are more interactive and more engaging...which means I have more of my students attention! Which in turn, leads to more learning retention. It's wonderful!!!

Check out this video for more! SMART 800

And here is SMARTBoard 800's website!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Preparing for the new school year and new students!! Whooo! It may not look like much now...but just wait!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Working hard to prepare for the next school year!
Watch out! New and improved lessons!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Students are hard at work!!

My class is currently reading The City of Ember another class is reading The Great Gilly Hopkins. Great books with big personalities!

So, students are creating a mock Facebook page for a character as the character. They are having a great time!

Check them out!