Monday, September 24, 2012

How my SMARTboard 800 Improves Student Learning

Wow! What can I say about my SMART Board 800?!

Our local Oakdale Education Foundation was kind enough to grant my SMARTBoard 800 grant. They saw, just like me, how valuable SMART Tech's new board is!

This particular board has multi-touch. Which means, I can have two students, with both their hands, interact with the board! It has not only changed my teaching, but how my students learn.

I have always had DOL races on my SMARTboard. But before, I would  have students go one at a time to correct sentences within a minute. Now, I have two students go, each writing in a different color, and wow! These kids really go for it! It has changed the dynamic of the room.

Notes, games, lessons, they are more interactive and more engaging...which means I have more of my students attention! Which in turn, leads to more learning retention. It's wonderful!!!

Check out this video for more! SMART 800

And here is SMARTBoard 800's website!

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