Monday, May 6, 2013

The New way to PD

I love Twitter. LOVE it. I have been on Twitter since 2009 and have had a pretty steady relationship since. Twitter is quick, exciting, and always has the information, entertainment, and connections I need.

More recently, however, I have discovered the value in professional development (PD) on Twitter. 


I cannot express enough my love for PD on Twitter! Educators on Twitter are so full of resources, love for pedagogy, curriculum expertise, and (more importantly) willing to share, learn, motivate, encourage, and build connections beyond just one chat.

There are SO many educational chats on Twitter. So many in fact, that I had to create a calendar full of reminders, times, and dates just to keep them all straight! Chat's I love include: #CaEdchat, #smartee, #tlap, #geniushour, #gr8teacher, #DENchat, #gctchat. These chats have extraordinary educators sharing their expertise and yet learning right along with you. I have gained so much knowledge that I could out immediately into my own classroom. And it's growing! PD on Twitter is so popular that most of these chats "trend" each night.

For example, Genius Hour. Genius Hour is a fabulous idea that developed from the great minds of Google (see my blog post here). I had never heard of genius hour until I was in the #CaEdchat and the wonderful expertise of  Joy Kerr (@JoyKerr) John Stevens (@jstevens009), and many, many others! I was so inspired  that I did more research at, and Once I had more information, I just had to try it out! So, I made a SMART Notebook lesson. All this with an hour of my time collaborating in real time with educators with a passion for teaching!

PD on Twitter has made me a better teacher, student, and Pirate (Teach like a Pirate, HIGHLY recommended). Get connected! Get involved! Get some professional development!

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