Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sharing the Knowledge- Tech Learning Community goes on the Road!

Whew! Two weeks ago was such a crazy week! I am  happy to be back to "normal",  but thrilled with the opportunities I have been given. I love learning more about my profession and how to improve and be better
for my students. I work and learn for the love of learning and for each of my kiddos.

As some of you know, I was fortunate to attend the Google Apps for Education 1:1 Summit in Napa. My reflection can be read here. 

Immediately following Napa, I headed to San Jose for the California Teacher's Association's (CTA) Good Teaching Conference. I was asked to present the Common Core pre-conference as well as the Good Teaching Conference with the amazing Karen Taylor. Karen and I met last summer through the CTA's Teacher Leadership Cohort. Through this cohort, each member was to put together a project that would be beneficial to teachers, school, district, and/or beyond. Karen and I had the same passion for technology and recognized the need for ongoing professional development in incorporating technology into our classrooms.

Through our project, we have created our Tech Learning Community (TLC) website, professional development for teachers within our districts, and the development for an "unconference" for both districts to merge and learn from and together. It seems we have been working non-stop toward our goal of growing, developing, and learn with technology. It has truly been an honor to get to know Karen, to work with the teachers in my district and help them with their needs.

Since the creation of TLC, Karen and I have been given the opportunity to share what we have learned with others in the state (and possibly beyond!!)! That alone is connecting us with educators that inspire each of us and push us even more than we push ourselves.

Our first joint venture was at last weekend's Good Teaching Conference. Next is Common Core in Anaheim and one per month till April!

AND yesterday I was asked to present for CUE and CTAP!

I am truly thankful for Karen, CTA and Teacher Leadership Cohort and their members, and all the educators and students who inspire me to be better every day!


 It truly is an exciting time!

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