Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Excitement for SMART Summit Mounts

I am proud to be a SMART Exemplary Educator (SEE or SMARTee). Proud of our educational community. Proud of the work we do, and thrilled at how we support one another. 

I have been a SEE since 2008. After I discovered the awesome that is SMARTboards and SMART Notebook, I dived in to learn all I could about being an engaging educator. I took online webinars with SMARTians (employees of SMART Tech), looked at other lessons teachers and SMARTians had created, and attempted to begin creating my own. As I got better, I read about the SMART Exemplary Educator program and applied. A strange thing happened. I got in! 

This is where Deena Zenyk steps in. I began asking LOTS of questions, how could I be involved, now that I was a SEE what could I do?! 

Deena, as many of you know, is the link between SEEs and SMART Technologies. She always answers my emails, questions, calms fears, tackles the world. Wonderfully kind. And since that first email, has become a wonderful lifelong friend.

Since becoming a SEE, I have been fortunate to have had the most amazing experiences. I got to be a part of the ASCD Conference and work along with SMART Technologies personal when it was in San Francisco, write for EdCompass Blog and Magazine, be a part of software trials and webinars, went to launch events, and interact with the most amazing people who share the same passion for education and technology that I do.

2011 SEE Mentors
One HUGE Perk? The SMARTEE Summit.

Yes! The SEE SUMMIT! This is the epitome of all things SMART educators! It is a week long professional development sprinkled with fun and experiences that last forever. 

Being a SEE doesn't simply get you to the SEE Summit. You do have to apply. This year marks the fifth year of the SEE Summit and I still can't believe I get to go again.

I am one of those oddities, along with Renee Fruge, have attended four summits, including this year, and once as a SEE Mentor. Each time I have been amazed that I was even chosen, thrilled to be going, and blessed to meet so many wonderful, passionate, people that become lifelong friends. Not to mention TONS to bring back and apply in my classroom.
As you can imagine....I am getting really excited. Excited for the learning that will take place, the friendships that will be made, the EPIC reunions that are about to happen, and of course, to continue to grow as an educator. 

Oh.....and for dueling pianos, and Lake Louise, Banff, whooooo girls, white hats, and Broken Toys. 

2010 SEE Summit 

2011 SEE Summit
2012 SEE Summit
Yes, that is my teddy bear, Honey NizzleFitz

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