Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Grammar Rulz!

Grammar Rulz!

There is a new English and grammar software available for our SMARTboards! It is Grammar Rulz by Maupin House.

I like this software (on CD Rom when you order) in that it has pre-made slides and pages for students to use as Daily Oral Language (DOL). It is clear, concise, and goes right along with history topics. It is simple to use for teachers and students.

Where the software lacks is in it's content. I'd like the content to focus on middle school history and topics and this seems to be more directed at sixth grade content. Alhtough, this software will help new teachers with their SMARTboard, I feel it lacks interactivity. I just wanted to see more from the software.

I would definiately pass this on to my beginner SMARTboard users at my site.

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