Thursday, November 8, 2012

Unused Space

Happy November!

The students of #JepsonD4 are off to a great start this year! As is my professional growth!

Through teaching, I have been so fortunate to meet many wonderful professionals, work with colleagues...learning has never been better!

On this road...I have been involved with the Gold Star SEE Challenge with SMART Technologies and other SMART Exemplary Educators.

We use and promote SMART products, take courses, collaborate with others, and just share our love and knowledge of SMART! It's FABULOUS!

But a current challenge has got me thinking...specifically about some unused space in my classroom. See below:

Now, it may look like it is "used space" but it is not. Sure there are posters and memorabilia on the wall, but it is not truly used space!
What these spaces need is a SMART Board or an interactive projector. With such a product, my students could interact even MORE with content, create their own projects and lessons, and thus learn more.
The possibilities are ENDLESS!
hmmmm........I am getting excited!

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