Tuesday, August 6, 2013

SMART (& tech)Solutions in the OJUSD 2013-2014

As many of you know, I am apart of the amazing community of SMART Exemplary Educators (SEE). Truly one of the BEST educators I have ever have had the pleasure of meeting, collaborating, and chatting with. I am honored and blessed to be apart of such a caring and talented group of teachers.

Being a SEE does have its perks and fun. Applying to go to the SEE Summit....being accepted twice and another year being a mentor has been, hands down, two of the greatest professional development and inspirational weeks of my educational career. I can not say enough about these educators and their passion for SMART, teaching, and all things tech!

Another fun is being apart of the Gold Star SEE program. Working (and competing) to continue to advocate for SMART, interaction in the classroom, and innovation. I enjoy the program and it helps keep me in the know about SMART and other SEES.

So...I have been working on how our SMART Solutions in our district is working or not working. I surveyed our district of four elementary and one junior high and high schools and discovered that the staff know the following:

  1. All classrooms in our district are equipped with SMARTboards.
  2. Staff members would like to see all educators with a SMARTboard.
  3. Staff members would like to see a SMARTboard in the library and computer labs.
  4. 17% of staff have SMART Response.
  5. 62% of staff use SMART Notebook daily. Of those, 48% use it throughout their class periods.
  6. Only 26% say they use SMART Notebook daily.
  7. Only 6% have heard of Extreme Collaboration.
  8. Only 12% have used the SMART Exchange and also uploaded material.
  9. All staff members would like more support with SMART products.
  10. Most staff has stated that they haven't had training for their boards, have learned through trial and error, and only one has been on a SMART webinar.

Needless to say, this has been a huge eye opener for me.....and completely breaks my heart.

I know many haven't answered as we are just starting back to school this week. However, *I* need to hear this! I need to fix and change this! This. Is. Not. Okay. With. Me.

I have given countless trainings at my site. Especially when SMARTboards were installed in every classroom. Today was even my very first Content Creation Event-for, but my site only. 

What we need is a true technology mentor in our district. We need someone that is passionate about technology. Not just the plug and play, but the how, why, and modeling and support throughout the year for teachers to implement appropriately. 

It makes me curious if this happens at other sites, districts?!

How many of you out there get technology with little to know staff development, training, and support for that technology?

I was given the technology mentor at my site this year. I am thrilled to do it! And my goal (even before this survey) was to provide consistent technology support this year. We need and want  the training! I may not have all the answers, but I sure as can find others to help and support me to help and support our staff!

Then I want (hopefully) spread beyond my school site. We need it badly! Look at those numbers! 

Things have to change and our teachers need support and help. I want to attempt and try. 

It is quite the undertaking....but someone has got to try!

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