Monday, September 9, 2013

The Joys of the Flipped Class

I have been learning about the Flipped Classroom all summer. Learning from the best flippers like The Lady Geeks, the impeccable Cheryl Morris, and one of my favorite breakdowns of the Flipped Classroom from The Bus Ed Crew.

You may or may not have heard of flipping lessons or the classroom. Maybe you have picked up on the phenomenon. But flipping your classroom is not about letting your class run wild. It is about empowering your students and gaining more time to discuss, interact, and create deep and real connections with students and your students to the curriculum.

But what I have found, more importantly, is the the flipped classroom opens up face to face time with your students AND time for students to be creative, interact, and work with the concept in a real world fashion.


I have been flipping lessons here and there with amazing success! In my classroom, I have been using videos for students to watch and learn the groundwork for a particular concept. After their video, they complete a Google Form that ensures their grasp of the concept. I get those answers, check in the evening and in the morning. When I start class, I do a quick check for understanding, then the real fun begins! Engaging students in real world application of the concept! Which, of course, we all know brings deeper learning and understanding.

I use Sophia to house all my flipped lessons. I have currently have lessons on grammar and on literature terms. The last one we did was on punctuation marks, specifically end marks. You can check it out below:

At home, students listened to a song (sang along in class), checked out the lesson, filled out the Google form, all so I could have face to face time and real world use of the concept of end marks. Once I double checked understanding, students had the rest of the period (almost forty minutes!) to create a rap, song, puppet show, or some other media in which they teach end marks and give examples. They had a BLAST! Plus, they worked extremely hard on the project, as they knew, these were going on our webpage! They had a real audience! Amazing! 

The Flipped Classroom is an ever evolving journey in which I am VERY new. However, it is exciting to see my students learning in even more meaningful ways. It isn't easy, and it is time consuming, but so worth it.

Here are some of the classroom favorites!

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